Petro Mega is an international contractor that designs, builds and operates production, transport and storage infrastructures for the oil & gas and other energy markets.

The Group carries out onshore, offshore and underground projects.

  • EPC projects for onshore and offshore industrial plants.
  • Installation of onshore and offshore pipelines.
  • Drilling of oil and gas, geothermal and water wells.
  • Development and operation of underground storage facilities.

Wherever they operate in the world, and whatever the nature of the operations environment and conditions, which are sometimes extreme (access, climate, safety, etc.), the Group’s companies are committed to exemplarity with respect to contractors in the fields of security, respect for local residents and environmental protection, and demand the same commitment from their sub-contractor partners.

Quality is an essential component of the Petro Mega and all the entities are now ISO 9001 certified.
The management and control of the risks associated with Entrepose’s activity is integrated at every stage – from accepting an order (risks arising from a poorly calculated offer) to final delivery (risks arising from a failure to comply with the requirements specified by the client in their original request and alterations made during the project).